Young Man’s Music is Good for the Body and the Soul

Chase Cofer remembers the day he experienced the first symptom. It was a day like any other, with Chase and his sister spending time with their cousins. Chase hadn’t noticed anything was wrong – but his sister did. She pointed out that his arm had been in a fixed, bent position for the entire day. […]

Women and Kidney Disease – World Kidney Day is March 8

World Kidney Day (WKD) and the International Women’s Day 2018 fall on the same day this year, March 8, giving us the opportunity to reflect on the importance of women’s health – specifically their kidney health. WKD is an annual, global campaign to stress the importance of kidney health, to reduce the impact of disease, […]

You can take it with you, home dialysis, that is

It was by chance that Barry Meek discovered he had kidney disease. A minor mishap sent him to the hospital in 1992. Routine blood work indicated renal failure caused by high blood pressure – something he did not know he had. Years later, his medical journey introduced him to home dialysis – giving him more […]

Life begins at 45: A story of a transplant

Stephen Farley spent almost his entire life with damaged kidneys. At age four he had an obstruction between his kidneys and bladder causing urine to back up into his kidneys – resulting in permanent damage. This is the story of how a kidney transplant changed his life at age 45. His wife knows best For […]

Beyond the canvas

In 2002, Edward Boccia, a world-rated expressionist painter and poet was doing some drawing studies from a model. He had become so weak from his kidney failure, that he had difficulty holding the chalk. “It felt like it weighed 50 pounds,” he says, “I could hardly lift it.” But since his kidney transplant at age […]

A positive attitude takes you a long way

Mr. Dana Clay was only 23 when his kidneys failed. He was an active young man, but one day he came home from the gym feeling queasy and lightheaded. The doctor thought it was his tonsils, so he was started on antibiotics. When that didn’t help, Mr. Clay went to the hospital. Tests showed he […]

A friend in deed

Ambrose loves his family, his job and fishing. Thanks to a good friend and a kidney transplant, he should be able to enjoy all three for quite a while. Ambrose, of Union, MO, was an active father and grandfather. He enjoyed his work as a bus driver for special needs patients in Franklin County. He […]