Holiday Bingo at Chromalloy Kidney Center

The holiday Bingo games, an annual event for over 30 years, was held in the Chromalloy dialysis center during the three dialysis shifts (7:45 am, 10:45 am, and 2 pm) on December 20 and 21, 2017.

Organizer Brenda Bingel, Nurse Administrator, put out a call for prizes for the event, which is always a fun time for both patients and staff in the dialysis center.

Patients received a small prize for each winning Bingo card. Donations included patient favorites: large-print crossword puzzle books, “seek and find” books, and useable items such soaps, lotions, and candles and food items such as jams and jellies. Ever mindful of the kidney, no chocolate, nuts, or nut butters were given as they are high in potassium and not recommended for the patients.


Retired staff members came to help, call Bingo numbers and handed out prizes.

“Patients are happy to see retirees come back and visit with them while they help out with the bingo party,” says Brenda. “I really appreciate all of the staff, former and present, in making these parties a success. It really reflects their dedication to the patients and the unit.”

Brenda Bingel, RN, MSN, can be contacted at 314-362-0238;