Home Hemodialysis

Hemodialysis can be done in your home instead of at the dialysis center

Benefits of home dialysis are:

  • Your treatment schedule can be more flexible
  • You can schedule more than three treatments per week
  • The extra treatments clean the blood more like normal kidneys
  • More toxins and fluid can be removed from your body
  • You may have better blood pressure control, having to take fewer or no blood pressure medications
  • You may have a better appetite and fewer diet restrictions
  • By removing less fluid with each treatment, you may stop that “washed out” feeling common after dialysis treatments
  • Some studies suggest that patients live longer with home dialysis treatments

There are options to how home hemodialysis can be done. The most common treatment schedule is to do hemodialysis five or six days a week for two to three hours each day.

hemodialysis at homeThis treatment uses a smaller machine than used in a dialysis center. Or, some people use nocturnal hemodialysis to receive treatments while they sleep at night. Still other people use the same three-times-a-week treatment schedule used at the dialysis center.

You and your care partner will need to learn how to perform the hemodialysis treatment. At the Washington University Kidney Resource Center , training takes about three to four weeks, ans is usually provided Monday through Friday for four to five hours each day You will receive your dialysis treatment during the training sessions.