What is Peritoneal Dialysis?

Peritoneal dialysis is the easiest and simplest form of home dialysis and has excellent outcomes. It is considered to be an “at home or on-the-go” dialysis option and is ideal for patients who want to remain independent while undergoing dialysis.

Peritoneal dialysis uses your body’s own internal lining of the abdomen, called the peritoneal membrane, as a filter to cleanse your blood and remove excess fluids. The peritoneal membrane is used instead of an artificial dialyzer, or filter, and a large dialysis machine.

peritoneal dialysis useful for home or on the go dialysisA small catheter placed in the abdomen (the peritoneum) is used to instill and drain sterile dialysis fluid (dialysate). Approximately two liters of sterile dialysis fluid is used to fill the abdominal cavity. The solution dwells for several hours to absorb toxins and excess fluid. The fluid is then drained and discarded, and replaced with new dialysis fluid.