Home Hemodialysis Treatment

Washington University and Barnes-Jewish Hospital offer two types of in-home hemodialysis machines:

Fresenius Dialysis Machine: This machine looks similar to the in-center hemodialysis machines. It requires only one needle and offers a high level of purification in filtering out your blood’s waste products. You will need to learn to mix your own dialysate solution. Treatment times are usually 3 ½-4 hours and 4-5 times a week. The machine also requires minor changes in your home’s plumbing to allow for a separate water system. This system needs regularly scheduled preventative maintenance every three months. Because of its size and connection to a dedicated plumbing line, this machine is not portable.

NxStage Dialysis System: The most widely used home hemodialysis machine, the NxStage Dialysis System, is a truly portable system that can be used at home or on-the-go while traveling.

Washington University operates the region’s largest in-home hemodialysis program using the NxStage system. Unlike the Fresenius system, NxStage does not require special plumbing. Instead tap water is used to mix dialysate fluid.

NxStage is easy to set up and take down, with self-contained blood lines and filters. Because it is smaller than the Fresenius machine, it is not as powerful, so patients need to dialyze at least five to six days a week.

Patient care team

A multidisciplinary team of specialists are available to help you manage your kidney disease. You will see your physician and renal care team monthly.

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