Another option for the treatment of end stage renal disease is a kidney transplant. If this option interests you, we have a comprehensive class available to go over medical criteria and what to expect.

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is home to one of the largest, most experienced kidney transplant teams in the U.S., and is consistently ranked among the nation’s best by U.S. News & World Report for the treatment of kidney disease.

Since 1963, Washington University transplant surgeons have performed more than 3,000 kidney transplants at Barnes-Jewish Hospital. The team now averages more than 200 kidney transplant surgeries annually, including more than half of all kidney transplants in Missouri.

The kidney transplant survival rates, which continually exceed national averages, are a reflection of the program’s expertise. Our acute rejection rate following a kidney transplant is less than 5 percent – one of the lowest kidney transplant rejection rates in the world.

Medical doctors, surgeons and support staff also work together to decrease post-surgical complications and overall length of hospitalization for kidney transplant recipients.

A new option exists for type 1 diabetics and other patients with kidney failure – a kidney/pancreas transplant.

The success of this transplant program is based on factors including a thorough medical evaluation of each patient to determine eligibility and a full discussion of options, including alternatives to transplant. Educational resources, one-on-one counseling and support through services like the Transplant Mentor Program are offered to all patients prior to, during, and after transplant surgery.

When transplant surgery is identified as the best treatment approach, our multidisciplinary team of kidney transplant specialists works in partnership with referring physicians and patients to manage their illness until a suitable organ becomes available.

Internationally recognized research

Patients at Barnes-Jewish Hospital benefit from active basic and clinical research laboratories investigating a variety of aspects of kidney transplant and kidney failure. Washington University scientists are known around the world for their ongoing development and refinement of immunosuppressive therapy to prevent rejection and their strategies to prevent infection.

Because of the aggressive immunotherapy research, the Washington University physicians at Barnes-Jewish Hospital have one of the lowest delayed kidney transplant function rates in the world at less than 5 percent (the national average is 30 percent).

Transplant options

Barnes-Jewish Hospital is at the forefront of innovation in kidney transplants. Washington University kidney transplant specialists were pioneers in living donor transplants and have helped advance the living-donor paired kidney exchange so more people than ever can benefit from kidney transplant.


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If you are considering a kidney transplant, please call us to learn more about the transplant program, 314-362-5365 or 1-800-633-9906.

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