To help you manage your kidney disease, a multidisciplinary team of specialists is available at Washington University. Listed below are the types of team members who will be taking care of you.


These are doctors who specialize in the diagnosis and management of kidney disease. Nephrologists will be responsible for guiding your care. Meet our physician team at Washington University.

Medical fellows

As a leading academic medical center, Washington University attracts physicians seeking to enhance their medical training in kidney disease. These doctors have already graduated from medical school and have accomplished 3-7 years of residency in internal medicine at a registered hospital. Now they are getting advanced training in renal disease. They are part of the kidney team and work under the direction of an attending nephrologist.

Nurse practitioners

Nurse practitioners are registered nurses who have completed advanced training with a master’s degree or a doctorate degree as a nurse practitioner and hold additional national certification in an area of specialty. They collaborate with physicians in the care of patients.


Registered nurses (RNs) are specially trained in the care of kidney disease patients. They are available to answer any questions you may have and to assist the physicians with your care.

Social workers

The renal outpatient office has a social worker available to assist patients in a number of ways. For example, if you have difficulty getting your medications, arranging transportation or have insurance issues, please request to speak with the social worker as they may know of resources available to assist you.


Dietitians are an important part of your planning for daily living. They are available to consult with you to assist you in developing an individualized diet plan.