What is home hemodialysis?

Hemodialysis (HD) is a treatment that filter wastes and water from your blood, as your kidneys did when they were healthy. Hemodialysis is performed by a machine using a special filter.

Home HD involves the basic process of HD, except that the dialysis treatment is performed at home. Some people do this on their own, while others have help from a family member or care partner.

With easy-to-use machines and the ability to have a more flexible schedule, patients should be aware they have an option to do hemodialysis at home.

Home hemodialysis uses compact, easy-to-use dialysis machines.

What are the advantages of home HD?

  • Home HD lets the patient set the schedule. The patient can choose treatment times to fit other family members.
  • The convenience of not having to travel to a dialysis center three times a week.
  • Patients report feeling more in control of their lives and their illness.
  • More flexible schedule: easier to fit HD into your daily lives.
  • People who do home HD say it improves their quality of life and have better health outcomes.
  • You will sleep better.


Yes, you can travel! Patient performs home hemodialysis aboard a cruise ship.

What to Expect

  • Customized training to ensure you are comfortable with the process.
  • Training is normally 4 weeks (4-5 times per week). You will get our dialysis during the training session.
  • You will have an in-home visit by a member of the home dialysis program to assist with your transition to home with the supplies, machine and overall organization.
  • You will be taken care of by the “home team” consisting of:
    • Nephrologist
    • Nurse Practitioner
    • Home Nurse
    • Dietician
    • Social Worker
  • You will have a clinic visit once a month, during which you will see our home dialysis team.
  • You will have nurses and home dialysis machine technicians on call 24/7 to answer any of your questions.
Members of your care team will always be available to answer your questions.

What if I am interested in home hemodialysis?

  • Talk to your physician.
  • Talk to your nurse.
  • Talk to your social worker.
  • Talk to you family or others who may be willing to be your dialysis partner.

Remember – every patient’s case is different.  It is always worth the talk.

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